Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter President's Letter

Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to have finally founded a chapter of Online Collaborative in Haigazian University.

They say seeing is believing; and based on that, I truly believe in what this chapter can and will achieve given the NGO's previous history of successful events, workshops and collaborated teamwork.

In the coming months, the cabinet, members and I will start planning a workshop for all ADC and Business students where we will promote the concept of Social Media, its ethical usage and how it can contribute in shaping their lives to the better.

Furthermore and as a beginning project, we have agreed to voluntarily sponsor the "NGO Al Amal Institute for the disabled" through creating and maintaining a social media campaign for their fundraiser, the"Welfare Wheat Race".

What comes next is the main big thing. HUOC and in collaboration with Ms. Najoie Nasr - the head of the Marketing department in Haigazian - will plan, promote and execute the Communication Conference in the month of May, organized by Haigazian University.

As you all can see, we have a busy schedule set up for our first operational semester. Starting off with such a good start will not only be beneficial to us as members of the chapter but also to the chapter's awareness on campus, to the students exposed to the chapter's activities and to all the non-HU people attending our workshops/events.

To keep things short, I would like to personally thank Ms. Najoie Nasr for her support in founding this chapter and I look forward to a semester full of fruitful events.

Yours Truly,

Garen Yepremian
Chapter President

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