Monday, April 2, 2012

HUOC Sponsoring the Welfare Wheat Race

Last week, HU's Online Collaborative partnered with the "Al Amal Institute for the Disabled" to sponsor the Social Media campaign for their yearly fundraiser event, the Welfare Wheat Race.

Welfare Wheat Race is a yearly race organized by Al Amal NGO for the Disabled and the Needy. The funds raised in this race go to the Sweater & Wheat program, which gives persons with special needs the role of contributing in the support of the other needy.
The race is set to take place on the 29th of April, 2012. It will start from the Broummana Municipality Playground at 8 AM sharp and the participants will be first briefed for details and information at 7:30 AM.
The track is a course closed to traffic with a maximum time limit of 120 minutes for all races. The participation minimum age is 11 years and above.
Toilet Facilities will be present on the premises of the event. A Water station is available at the finish line along with a distance marker every 1Km into the race.
Free memorabilia will be given away to participants (this includes T-shirts, pins, etc.) Breakfast is not included in the participation fee. Any food you might want can be purchased from the event area.
The different races are as follows:
School Races – Males:
1000 Meters (Born in 2000-01)
1500 Meters (Born in 98-99)
2000 Meters (Born in 97-96)
3000 Meters (Born in 95-94)
School Races – Females:
800 Meters (Born in 2000-01)
1200 Meters (Born in 98-99)
1500 Meters (Born in 97-96)
2000 Meters (Born in 95-94)
5K Race: Open to professionals of 19 years of age and above.
1K Welfare March & Parade: Open to all public with no restrictions.
The Internal Forces Classical Orchestra led by the Maestro CL. Ziad Murad along with music bands from Metn schools will hold various performances alongside the race to live up the mood.
Registration Information:
Registration is available in all Librairie Antoine branches across Lebanon.
You can also register by e-mail on or by telephone on 04 963 330. Please send us via any of these both mediums the following information: name, gender, date of birth, nationality, club or name of group leader (if applicable) and a clear photocopy or scan of your ID.
Registration fees are as follows:
Race registration:
LBP 5,000 for participants up till the age of 18 years.
LBP 20,000 for participants of 19 years of age and above.
Welfare March & Parade registration:
LBP 20,000 donation fee to help support the NGO and its activities.

About Al Amal NGO:

Inspired by her own son Selim, who suffered from mental disabilities, Mounira El-Solh worked on providing a better life and on promoting the cause for persons with special needs.
In 1959, she founded Al-Amal Institute, a center providing care, residence, and rehabilitation for these persons.
Al Amal Institute for the Disabled is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that supports the cause of people with special needs. Our residential center for the mentally disabled is located in Broummana – Metn, but our programs aim to improve the integration and autonomy of these people with special needs on a nationwide level. As our programs work on integration and welfare, we try to involve the community with our cause and as well host activities that promote sports and culture.
In 1992, the Winter Sweater (كنزة الشتاء) program was started, through which residents with special needs of Al-Amal institute started participating in the production of wool sweaters in a workshop established at the center.
As of 2002, the Welfare Wheat (سنبلة الخير) program was also started, promoting and supporting the economic productivity and independence of farmers with special needs in various regions of Lebanon. This program also involves the residents of Al-Amal in packaging and production. Part of the program, the Welfare Wheat Festival takes place every July in the village of Arnoun, South of Lebanon, bringing together volunteers, farmers, residents, various schools in harvesting and packaging crops, as well as various other cultural and social events and activities.
The Sweater & Wheat (كنزة وسنبلة) program is a combined program, through which individual donations go towards sponsoring a sweater and a 15 kg of crops (estimated yearly individual consumption) containing chickpeas, lentils, bulgur, beans, wheat, are sent “from a person with special needs to a needy person” – to a list of 69 non-profit NGOs in various regions of Lebanon.
Today, the programs focus on:
  • promoting the productivity of persons with special needs
  • integrating them through participation in productive, social and cultural activities
  • supporting the cause of persons with special needs and raising awareness

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